New UNO one Piece

Introducing Idm’s UNO Door Range

This Kitchen door range has been specifically developed for designers wanting to supply kitchens with smooth painted doors and no V-Grooves that are guaranteed not to crack at the joints.

Many major kitchen door suppliers including ourselves have supplied the marketplace with thousands of smooth painted solid wood doors without their joints being V-Grooved, creating a massive trend within the kitchen industry. The demand for these doors is increasing every day, however, so are the issues of the paint cracking at the joints. To meet this increasing demand and permanently eliminating these issues, IDM has launched the UNO kitchen door range. The doors in this range are manufactured from one solid piece of wood with no joints; therefore, there will never be any paint cracks. Real wood is used in the manufacturing of this board along with various resins to make the board moisture resistant. Its surface impact properties are better than any other wood. High precision technology is used to machine the crisp, sharp corner profiles.

This range features the following:

  • 10 trend setting door designs: Millennium, Tuskar, Bremore, Lissan, Shaker 80, Glynn, Stepped Shaker 95, Ashleagh, Micro Shaker and Double Stepped Shaker
  • The largest range of door and drawer front sizes as standard
  • Special height appliance housing doors which eliminates the need for unsightly fillers
  • 49 unique feature doors/frames
  • Curved components: 8 Convex Doors, 3 Concave Doors, Curved Cornices, Light Pelmets, Dentil Rails, Toespaces and Painted Carcases
  • Island Unit Components: Open Units and Door Match End Panels
  • Accessories: Vast selection of popular matching accessories as standard
  • Finish: Smooth painted in any colour with high performance polyurethane paint (More durable than Pre-Catalysed and Acid-Catalysed)
  • In-house colour matching service
  • Contrasting natural wood doors: 9 of these door designs can be manufactured with European Oak, Character Oak and Walnut: excludes Micro Shaker
  • Bespoke sizes available for all door designs and most accessories